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Smokey Quartz Spheres

Smokey Quartz spheres are great aids to harmonise the energy in your environment. In feng shui, colour plays an important part in balancing energy as colour is just pure light. The shape is also important and each shape represents a different element. The sphere for instance represents the metal element which also affects your mental clarity, concentration and organizational skills. Smokey Quartz also relates to the feng shui earth element. The subject of the earth element is about nourishment and how you nourish and meet your needs. This doesnt just mean on a physical level through the foods you eat but also on a relationship level, it influences the muscles and digestion and encapsulates everything that feeds you. It is concerned with fertility, practicality, stability, sensuality, and being grounded. In feng shui the earth element governs the centre direction and your health. Place this sphere in the central space of your home to harmonize these energies.
Here is what the Crystal Oversouls say regarding Smokey Quartz. "Smoky Quartz is a master crystal, helping us to ground inner experiences into a workable reality. It reminds us to make proper use of our foundation and personality. If we are out of sync with the requirements of the earth plane, then this is the stone to meditate with. Smoky quartz carries the warm browns and black tones of the Earth and we can be open to learn from this master.
If you desire to manifest a dream into reality and it is running against the flow of society or is ahead of its time, then Smoky quartz will be the perfect companion. Through the vibrational structure of Smoky quartz we can learn how the game of life works and understand how our dream will fit in"

Text copyright "the Crystal Oversoul cards Attunements for Lightworkers"