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Nitiraj Platinum

Incense has been used since ancient times. It has been mentioned in the literature of many ancient cultures such as those of India, Ancient Greece, Egypt, Etruscia and Rome. The incense route of Antiquity extended over 2400 kilometres, connecting The Red Sea to The Gulf of Oman and encompassing such regions as Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon and ancient Persia. Just like spices and other precious cargo, incense was transported by long caravans of camels across the Negev desert, through hilly and difficult terrain and finally to the ports of the southern Mediterranean where the precious cargo was loaded into ships bound for Europe. Many cultures believed that burning incense linked Earth and Heaven and brought human prayers to the heavenly gods. It was used during rituals for propitiating purposes, when decisions had to be made and during important ceremonies. On a more earthly note incense was used for such diverse purposes as relaxation, massage, yoga, meditation and for focusing the mind for concentration. Nowadays we are familiar with all of these uses of incense - from religious ceremonies to the simple act of lighting an incense stick before we listen to our favourite music or have friends round for supper.