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Hemimorphite takes you on a journey of peace and tranquility and gently encourages communication with your soul, to find your true voice. Excellent for breaking through any emotional barriers preventing you from speaking honestly from your heart, it has a magnificent ability to connect the heart chakra to the throat chakra to the third eye and beyond. Hemimorphite holds a very soft feel to it and appeals to those who can be perhaps a little harsh with themselves, it offers them the sensitive, tender approach that's needed without forsaking their power. Hemimorphite also has a strong Atlantean resonance, a determined water aspect that will take you on a journey deep down to the primeval ocean of your being.
Here is what the Crystal Oversouls say regarding Hemimorphite "Our experience of life is reflected by the limits of our imagination. Hemimorphite stimulates a desire to explore the inner realms of our being and soar with our consciousness; to look at our situations from a higher perspective. We are taken on a journey to view life through the eyes of our soul and to keep things in perspective.
This crystal finds its way to people at a time in their life when a great awakening will take place. Hemimorphite is a guide, a physical manifestation of higher consciousness. It appears in a person’s life to say ‘wake up from your dream - the time you have been waiting for is here’. With this support we know that the time is right to move forward." Text copyright "Crystal Oversoul cards Attunements for Lightworkers" by Michael Eastwood published by Inner Traditions