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Sugilite is a fairly young stone in terms of geology, discovered in 1944 by Japanese Kenichi Sugi whose name was adopted. It is a powerful Third eye activator that works on the pineal gland, the top of the head, crown and heart chakra. Can be used when working with the Indigo Children, Star Children and holds a mothering, nurturing quality that is gentle yet powerfully effective. Is especially useful for those who feel they don't belong on Earth or feel that they cannot fit in. The message of Sugilite is "stay vast and let the world fit into you"

The Oversoul of Sugilite helps us by restoring our multi dimensional awareness. The mandala is a magnificent series of inter-locking wheels within wheels. The first thing we notice is the deep purple and red tones of the mandala. 8 beings reflect the Oversoul consciousness and greet us with warmth radiating from their eyes. They wear striking robes of purple light with red coloured sashes tied around their waists and guide us into the centre of the mandala where we encounter an eight-sided mandala of light. We are asked to turn with our back to the centre and open our arms and legs and keeping our head upright, thus becoming a human star. When we have done so, the 8 beings surround the edges of the mandala joining their energies to create a unified consciousness. They start a song in an ancient tongue that excites our energy field. The beings direct their individual energies towards our third eye chakra that floods our inner vision with images. We see through our own inner eyes just how vast and magnificent we are. We see how we are made from the same breath that flows through the entire universe. We feel and know that we can at last open the wings that we came to this Earth with. We feel safe in the knowledge that we can let shine our light with absolute safety.

Text copyright "the Crystal Oversoul cards Attunements for Lightworkers" by Michael Eastwood