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Petrified Wood fossils

Petrified wood holds the virtue of patience, it is very connected to the Earth Star chakra. Through this blessed stone we can come to the wisdom of our Soul. We see the cycle of events, past and future and know that how we live, the actions we take will determine our next life & that this choice is ours to make.
Here is what the Crystal Oversouls say regarding Petrified Wood. "There is a chakra beneath the sole of each foot carrying us through each life, grounding and storing information. Knowledge and experience are in turn drawn down and assimilated by a larger single chakra located about 12” below them, known as the earth star chakra. Its function is retaining information from lifetime to lifetime from our earth walk story.
Petrified Wood, the guardian of its knowledge, supports the access to this chakra. Here reside the stories of all the times and lives spent on the earth. Through journeying with this stone we can explore the ancient history that has shaped who we are now. If there are patterns of fear, anxiety or pain around trusting the earth, these can be addressed and released. Copyright "the Crystal Oversoul Attunements" Findhorn Press 2011.