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Libyan Gold Tektite

Tektite or Desert Stone as it is sometimes referred gets its name from the area it was discovered. Mainly in the Sahara desert where the impact of large meteorites hit the earths surface. It has a particular affinity to the wisdom of lost civilizations especially ancient Egypt and is a curious little stone. Formed under extraordinary pressure it works directly on the lower triangle, the 1st, 2nd and third chakras allowing the expressions, lessons and energy of each to be assimilated. Working with any tektite will usher in transformation on all levels, but the Gold Tektite is particularly attuned to the energy of the sun. Warmth, passion, motivation, joy, abundance and happiness are some of the qualities it imbues on the surface but at a deeper level it questions your understanding of these qualities on an experiential level. What inspires and excites you and what hinders or sets you back is a journey that will be illuminated by this powerful stone.