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Channeling Crystals

A channeler is recognized by the formation of seven sides on the main face.

“Undoubtedly there are many high souls that we can draw strength from in times of need and align our consciousness with in order to receive knowledge and light. There are spiritual guides that are ever present with us to assist in our evolutionary process, and forces that we can call upon for protection and guidance. But where our true strength and wisdom lies is within ourselves, and the more that source is attuned to, the more personal security and empowerment evolve.

Channeling crystals are here to teach us how to tap into the wisdom within ourselves. They represent through their sacred geometry, associated virtues and numerological symbology, the ability to go within our own source, access truth, and then bring that forth through verbal expression. These crystals have arrived to teach us to gain and channel our own light from the purest, truest depths of our souls.
Sometimes in that process we can (and often do) encounter other entities that can acknowledged and learned from. The difference is that we are not giving our power away, and the affirmation or disagreement of information is always checked with our own inner touchstone. As we confirm our own wisdom in this way we learn how to draw upon our personal resources to guide us in our lives”.

Copyright: Katrina Raphaell from her book Crystal Healing