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Star Rose sphere Heaven on Earth

An incredibly beautiful Rose quartz sphere that also happens to be a star rose. Measures 8.5” and comes with a rose wood stand which was made for it.
The quality is superb with gem quality parts and a deep rosey pink.

Rose Star quartz always has a natural six pointed star under the surface, which is difficult to capture with a lens. There is usually sunlight or a light source needed to strike the surface to reveal the star, but once seen it is amazing. The star flashes across the surface and is always a surprise to the eye. The star in this piece only revealed itself once I placed it in our garden for its photoshoot - I had not seen it before.

Star rose quartz can be the perfect meditation companion, helping to activate and encourage a relationship with the higher heart. Through this form of meditation one can direct and radiate the higher heart energy out into the cosmos, for the development of humanity and oneself.
I imagine this beauty being dedicated for the healing of the earth (although that is just my opinion) it loves to be showered with flowers, loving intentions and gifts of incense. It’s rosey pink aura greatly expanded when I placed flowers around it as you may see from the pictures. It has transmitted the power name "Heaven on Earth".