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Terraluminite, meaning 'the Light of the Earth.'

Robert Simons writes about this stone: When I held a piece of the Terraluminite at my third eye chakra and another at the heart, I felt an immediate and pleasant sensation of energy currents filling and linking those two chakras. As I continued, I sensed the nurturing flow moving out from my core, through my torso, and then filling the arms and legs and continuing into the hands and feet. I had the clear feeling that the channels along which the currents flowed were the meridians as known in qi gong and acupuncture. The experience felt as though the entire system was being cleansed, charged and integrated, with a deeply healing and loving vibration.

Terraluminite fills the third eye and crown chakras with deep pulsations that are pleasurable as well as opening. In me, they brought about surges of Light and vibration, entering the third eye and moving up through the crown in a rhythm that reminded me of pistons firing - baboom. These stones can bring strong beneficial energies to any chakra where they are placed. They speak of themselves in my meditations with them as stones of Light Body Awakening. 'I am struck by their apparent synthesis of the vibratory qualities of Azeztulite and Rosophia that appear in Teraluminite. When I work with Azeztulite and Rosophia together, I experience the archetypally 'masculine' currents of Divine Light moving in from above, while the 'feminine' currents of the Earth's love well up from below. These two streams meet and join in the heart, bringing about a subtle but ecstatic loveunion of the Heavenly Light and Earthly Love. The experience of attuning to Terraluminite is much like that which I feel from Azeztulite and Rosophia stones combined.

In inner alchemy, one of the important stages is that of conjunction. In old texts, it is often depicted as lovemaking between the Sun and Moon. Once again, this can be compared to the meeting of masculine and feminine spiritual energies when we work with Azeztulite and Rosophia. The fruit of the conjunction was believed to be the birth of the Divine Child, which was actually the birth of a new consciousness - a new self - within the alchemical practitioner. This feeling of the birth of a new self - a self of deeper spiritual awareness and much greater wholeness - is engendered by the currents of Terraluminite. This experience of the Light of the Earth can easily be related to the feeling of rebirth which is associated with the alchemical Divine Child.