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Malachite has a strong affinity to Egypt and especially to the Goddess Hathor. It is a copper carbonate which was prized as the easiest copper mineral to reduce to copper metal in ancient Egypt. Malachite was largely mined by slaves who were unaffected by the large outbreaks of cholera of that time and so was also revered as a powerful protector.
Here is what the Crystal Oversouls say about Malachite. "Malachite has many important healing qualities. It can help us learn to trust the earth and the cycles of creation. Through the vibration of this stone we face life and feel that we can handle our experience on the physical plane.
Malachite’s growth can remind us of more flexible ways of integrating structure and discipline, helping us understand these functions that are vital to carry out projects. Working with Malachite helps us realize that we have the right to take our space in the world.
It is a powerful healing ally helping us to understand control issues. Its message is ‘trust yourself and life - leave room for the unknown and unexpected’.

Text copyright "Crystal Oversoul cards Attunements for Lightworkers" published by Inner Traditions