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Trigonic quartz

Trigonic quartz is similar to a record keeper crystal as they both exhibit raised triangles on the surface. What sets a Trigonic apart from a record keeper is the triangular indentations instead face downwards.

What is interesting about any pyramid formation is that such ancient symbols invoke powerful forces within our being. In my opinion downwards facing pyramidal shapes assist us in grounding our divine light in numerous ways. Firstly our sacred light becomes more focused, grounded and welcomed by our earth element. Whereas an upwards triangle (record keeper) focuses our light towards our higher forces a downwards triangle focuses our light into a more conscious understandable reality. Trigonics then serve by asking us to ground past lives, imagination and dreams into a conscious reality. They assist in our ongoing journey towards an understanding of our past lives and subconscious imprints. Through this we are more able to identify our past patterning and though this explore ways of becoming liberated in order to make clearer decisions.