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Tourmaline Indicolite and Blue tourmaline

Indicolite in quartz, also known as Blue Tourmaline. A very high vibrational crystal that emits a celestial song of starry light into its environment. When we work with this crystal we are able to access the celestial light more fully helping us to integrate the energies known as the sacred Mary ray deeper into our unfolding consciousness. For this crystal comes under the Mary ray.

Here is what the Crystal Oversouls have to say about this crystal "The Oversoul of Blue Tourmaline attunes us to silence. The mandala is built up of subtle shades of blue light that pull our attention inwards. As we approach this Oversoul, we sense that we are in the presence of a great being radiating an atmosphere of incredible peace. 8 beings reflect this being’s consciousness made of the same shade of blue, with wings of the finest light. Their deep eyes penetrate our gaze. The beings welcome us, offering to guide us within the mandala. As we travel inwards we become aware how multi-layered this Oversoul consciousness is. Before us evolves a vast series of wheels within wheels generating the most beautiful of sounds through their movement.  But we become aware that we are not listening with our ears: being inside this Oversoul has opened chakras unknown to us before, small centres of awareness positioned either side of our throat, deep within our ears and either side of our third eye chakras. The beings that have acted as our guides indicate to us to sit cross-legged in the centre of the centre, within an eight-pointed mandala. They gather their forces around us, creating another eight-sided mandala. We close our eyes and see that we can see, hear and communicate with another heightened perception."

taken from the "Crystal Oversoul cards Attunements for Lightworkers."