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Kimberlite is in its natural form includes Olivine, llmenite, Phlogopite and Enstatite. Mined and comes from only one location the Kimberley Mine in South Africa.

Some people refer to this as the stone of freedom, which I find a bit silly myself as what is being implied is that a stone can free oneself from the world of form.....which is alot to ask of a stone.

What I feel is that Kimberlite offers a deep meditational experience while conscious. Rather like heaven on earth, the experience of being here now and out in the stars in the same moment. Kimberlite brings our awareness into the moment, the here and now. Time ceases to have a real meaning and we can slip into a continual flux of oneness. By placing this crystal in the crown region we merge our individualized consciousness with the supportive embrace of Kimberlite’s. I have noticed that this crystal when placed above the head region in a treatment seems to expand the crown chakra. It awakens the crown in ways that I have never seen any other crystals do.