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Green Tara quartz

Green Tara quartz is a name that arrived from seemingly nowhere. I woke up with the name on my mind and was urged to research and write about this crystal.
Green Tara quartz contains Chlorite. The presence of Chlorite creates an impression of a phantom formation inside the crystal itself. Chlorite quartz often forms phantom formations. Within the crystal itself you can see these solid phantoms like shadows with subtle outlines of crystalline growth which have grown first and then stopped. The crystal has then resumed its crystallization process, enclosing the previous growth as a phantom outline within itself.
Green Tara is traditionally a goddess of the forest. She is associated with plant life, flowers, trees and the wind. Because of her alliance with nature and plants she is aligned with fertility, nurturing and protection.
These fine crystals embody the spirit of Green Tara, offering, to those who seek, protection, fertility and nurturing to whatever we seek to apply these qualities to.
The insides of the crystal themselves have a subtle green hazy, misty, other-worldly quality that, to my mind, helps transmit the pure consciousness of Green Tara to the one connected to the crystal. By working directly with these crystals we merge with Green Tara’s qualities directly and if we are willing, dwell in her vast consciousness.

All writing by Michael Eastwood