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Larimar is a beautiful sea blue stone that has a cooling effect. It works primarily with the Vishuddha Chakra or Throat Chakra which means "pure" in Sanskrit. This is the centre of clear communication that highlights the power of the word. Your words have the ability to uplift another being or injure their progress. Working with Larimar also encourages you to develop your listening skills, and hearing the words unspoken, it will help you cultivate your creative expression, eloquence and concentration. It also has a strong affinity with the lost civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria.

The Crystal Oversouls shine a particular light on this beautiful stone saying “Beloved one. I am here to serve your evolutionary path. My attunement activates ancient ascension codes in your ninth chakra that had lain dormant until the completion of 2012. Through my attunement these new codes of light will be awakened and you will need to complete the next stage of your sacred journey.”