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Merkabah Quartz

Merkabah has various spellings, from Merkabah to Merkaba and Merkavah - however spelt the meaning is essentially the same.

The Torah describes a Merkavah and it has two meanings: Chariot and Throne of God. According to Drunvalo Melchizedek in Ancient Egypt Mer meant a light rotating in on itself. Ka meant spirit and Ba meant the human body. We can, therefore, think of the Merkaba as being the rotating light of the spirit held within human form.
The Merkaba is our vehicle of crystalline light that contains within it all our energies and, most importantly, our spirit. It is our Merkaba that carries our energies beyond the limits of 3-dimensional time and space. On the soul planes there is no distance or time lapse, all happens simultaneously. Until we reach that level of existence and vibration on Earth our Merkaba is an important ascension tool It is a light vehicle that carries our energies to the higher realms beyond the 5th dimension in which we presently find ourselves.

A well carved Merkabah with tips intact is a rarity which is why so few of superior quality are available and is reflected in the price.