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Ametrine is a crystal of rare beauty.

True Ametrine only comes from one source the Anahi Mine in Bolivia it occurs in veins in a dolomitic limestone. The color zones visible within Ametrine are referred to as sectoral zoning. They are the result of 2 different factors: One is differing oxidation states of iron which occur inside the crystal due to temperature differences across the crystal during its formation. The second is the selective distribution of the naturally occurring iron coloring agent in the different zones of growth.

It is a natural occurance or marriage of Amethyst and Citrine - when left unpolished there are natural etchings all over the surfaces. There is a play of colour as the rich royal purple and golden tones merge into one another.
For me, Ametrine it a powerful meditational stone reminding us of our natural spiritual powers. A powerful teacher guiding us along the path of reclaiming our power without needing to oppress other people. Ametrine has stepped forwards at this time to assist in our unfolding journey to ascensional awareness.