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Crystal Oversoul Cards and Books

The Crystal Oversouls are a collective term for crystalline consciousness written about in a series of books and card sets by Michael Eastwood who is also the owner of AristiA.

Crystal Oversoul Cards: Attunements for Lightworkers: published 2020

Crystal Oversoul Attunements were published by Findhorn Press in 2011. (This edition is now out of print) They have since become world-wide best sellers that are also translated into French.

Unfolding Our Light published in 2013 by Findhorn Press explores Crystal Oversoul consciousness even further through what Michael refers to as attunements. The book has gone on to be one of the biggest selling books for creating and meditating with crystal grids.

The Nine Chakra Crystal Healing Manual published in 2007 by the Magical Forest Press and was Michael's first book. Although not directly linked to Crystal Oversouls it is an interesting book in its own right and can be read as the first step the author was taking in his direction.

Crystal Oversoul New Earth Attunements: 22 cards, book and 2 meditation CDs published by Findhorn Press 2015 continues the Oversoul journey through new mandala cards, a book and for the first time a double CD set with each of the 22 attunements read by the author. (This edition is now out of print with the publishers but I have some left)

Michael was the Chair of ACHO (2009 - 2014) (2020 - 2023). He was also the Chair of CTC. He is an international teacher of crystal healing.