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Clear phantom quartz with Green inclusions

Green phantom quartz is the perfect healing companion if we are exploring past life issues that are inhibiting our relationship with the earth plane.
Phantoms are wonderful tools for past life work and regression as well as deeper work with the subconscious mind.
Green phantoms guide us, during meditation, through any layers of past life experiences that are inhibiting our lifeforce in this lifetime.

Phantoms are crystal planes and memories of previous crystalline growth within a quartz. Deep within the crystal itself you will see these solid phantoms like shadows and subtle outlines of crystal growth which have grown first and then stopped. The crystal has then resumed its crystallization process, enclosing the previous crystal growth as a phantom outline within itself. Phantoms are powerful aids for past life work, healing, rejuvenation and regression.
I associate phantoms with Egypt, Lemuria and Atlantis. There is something about the pyramidal forms inside which remind me of initiations and sacred ceremonies inside the ancient temples.

There is a further way of working with phantom crystals, known as ancestral healing.

Ancestral healing is a process that empowers us to connect, repair and nurture relationships with our own wise and loving ancestors. We stand at the front of the line in our ancestry, the energies embodied have been passed onto us and are now expressing themselves through us and will continue to do so if we don’t take steps to heal our ancestral lineage.
We carry karmic burdens within families and our bodies. We also carry their blessings as well. Working with phantom quartz may open pathways to our roots thus fueling the transformation of inherited burdens, releasing the full embodiment of our gifts.