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Papagoite is one of the rarest crystals there is, no more deposits are known. Papagoite came from the same place as Ajoite, the Messina mine in South Africa. Papagoite has an intense blue colour and is a copper based mineral that occurs as a phantom inside Quartz.

Papagoite prepares the crown chakra to take on its higher function as mediator between the old seven chakra system and the higher light of the nine chakra alignment. The crown begins to participate, merging and melding its consciousness with the eighth chakra portal. I imagine it as ancient wheels within the crown that have been inactive begin to turn. As they turn they unlock long closed off entrances in the chambers of the eighth chakra. The sacred chamber of the eighth chakra opens its doors. This opens the pathways up into the highest light, through the eighth and ninth chakras and beyond. Complete union with All That Is floods ones being.
Papagoite also aligns us with our original template helping to unlock ancient blockages that have stopped us feeling at one with our physical body and the Earth itself.
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