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An Ankh is one of the oldest symbols known to woman/man. It is one of those symbols that, for many, seen for the first time trigger ancient memories of lives spent in Egypt, Lemuria or Atlantis. I asked the Crystal Oversouls for their perspective on this powerful symbol. “Beloved Ones’. The Ankh is one of the symbols of your ascension. It is as old as time itself and can be traced back to the beginnings of the first wave of planetary incarnations during the time of Lemuria. Yet it also a symbol that originates in the star worlds prior to your journey into human experience. When you meditate or are in the presence of this symbol your consciousness is guided to your stellar origins. As a symbol it transmits sacred knowledge that penetrates deep into time and space.
The Ankh is a giver of life and celebrates the unfolding relationship between your inner female and male counterparts in perfect union. Through this union of earth and sky the New is invited to born and given birth to. What was once invisible to you becomes visible”