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A crystal of great creativity especially good company for artists and dreamers. The vibration of this stone can work wonders if an artist is stuck or blocked. The message of this stone is let go, dont get stuck on any one way of doing something. Give yourself permission to think in new ways.
Here is what the Crystal Oversoul say regarding Rhodochrosite. "Rhodochrosite is a sacred healer for the heart chakra, signaling that it is time to arise from the past. Patterns that have inhibited confidence and joy for life are revealed and - if you are ready - released.
It asks us to remember that we are the physical manifestation and expression of our soul’s light here on earth. It encourages us to learn to play and enjoy life, to celebrate the goodness and sweetness of all the earth has to offer. The divine spark flows through our veins and if we have forgotten this, Rhodochrosite serves to remind us. During meditation or healing you can call upon the energies of this wise crystal, helping you awaken to love’s presence"

Text copyright "the Crystal Oversoul cards Attunements for Lightworkers".