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Smokey Quartz Sphere (1247065165)


Product Description

Smokey Quartz relates to the Muladhara, or Root Chakra which means foundation or support in Sanskrit. The keywords are stability, focus, security, status. The shape of the sphere also encourages deep meditative states to be reached. Gaze into this sphere and hold in your awareness your intention to connect to its crystalline vibration. Hold your focus and use your breath to deepen your state. This is a great way of connecting to your sphere and the energy it holds.

Here is what the Crystal Oversouls say regarding Smokey Quartz. "Smoky Quartz is a master crystal, helping us to ground inner experiences into a workable reality. It reminds us to make proper use of our foundation and personality. If we are out of sync with the requirements of the earth plane, then this is the stone to meditate with. Smoky quartz carries the warm browns and black tones of the Earth and we can be open to learn from this master.
If you desire to manifest a dream into reality and it is running against the flow of society or is ahead of its time, then Smoky quartz will be the perfect companion. Through the vibrational structure of Smoky quartz we can learn how the game of life works and understand how our dream will fit in"

Measures 2.5".

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