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Lemurian seed Vogels

Lemurian Seed vogels have been carved from larger Lemurian seed crystals, imbibing them with all the characteristics one would expect from a seed crystal. Lemurian crystals are extremely important stones for this time, resurfacing now to assist humanity in its shift towards a new way of being, a new way of living and a new consciousness awakening.
The ancient civilisation of Lemuria was full of highly evolved spiritual beings whose teachings have been lost until now. These teachings are now finding new ways of coming through as there is no other time, than right now. Those who feel a strong connection to Lemuria or Mu will find that they they have an important part to play in this new awakening.
Vogels carrying this Lemurian quality are extremely rare. As soon as I saw these I knew they were important for our times. These crystals auras are immense and unique within the crystal kingdom. I feel that they will help transform ancient Lemurian DNA patterns stored deep within human consciousness. In doing so the person working with these crystals will more be able to transform their past and future perspectives, freeing their essential life force.

The tips are perfect and have twelve cuts or gates that lead into the apex. Each gateway is symbolic. The healers intention is channelled through each gateway and in doing so ancient alignments take place that are less to do with the healers intent and more to do with what the client wishes to unfold on a deeper layer of consciousness.

These are magical tools of light that can be worked with as healers tools or as a valued piece for personal meditation.