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Known as the warrior stone of health and life force. Has strong affinity with root chakra, helping to harmonise the potent forces of the kundalini.

Here is what the Crystal Oversoul Attunement cards say about this beautiful stone "Garnet reminds us that within our body and soul dwells the same spark of creation that gave birth to worlds within worlds. We carry the fire of endless possibilities and creativity in our being. Our work on earth is to encourage and enliven this spark within and make the world a better place for us being in it. This crystal emanates a dynamic and inventive energy we can draw upon in times when we find it a struggle to relate to ourselves or the world.

There comes a quickening, a speeding of personal evolution with Garnet. Meditating with this stone will clear any patterns that are inhibiting or restricting the expression of the divine spark in the base of the spine."

Copyright: Crystal Oversoul cards Attunements for Lightworkers.