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Golden Star Blade of Light Lemurians

These remarkable Golden Lemurian Blade of Light crystals were recently discovered in Coscuez, Boyaca, Colombia. This mine is famous for its Emerald deposits.

Golden Star Lemurians are only coming out of this particular mine. They have a distinctive golden colouring, nearly orange in tone at the base.
The Lemurian striations are different to anything previously seen. Rather than horizontal lines these markings are a series of interlocking glyphs running up the side or they can have the traditional striations, or both. These glyphs, with the right human touch, activate radiant golden energy codes in dna. Through this alchemical process dna is gradually awakened into the original state of being, fully aligned with the greater central sun. As we move further towards the greater central sun our consciousness becomes imbued with vibrational support that further connects us to the divine flow of unified consciousness.

In our solar system, our sun is part of a larger network of central suns. Our immediate central sun is Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleiades cluster in the constellation of Taurus. It’s part of the grouping called the Seven Sisters Our sun is in constant communication with Alcyone. It is a cosmic dance that the two engage in as a way to pass information, energy, and insights on to the development of ascending collectives in this part of the galaxy. When our sun gets closer to Alcyone consciousness ascends.