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Star Rose Quartz

Star Rose quartz is very high quality rose quartz that has a star of light with 4 or 6 rays that only appears when the stone is polished in a spherical shape or a crystal skull. The stars come out most dramatically in strong light such as the light of the sun - sometimes with a holographic effect that seems to rise up out of the crystal.
When viewed at a specific angle with a source of light a star becomes visible. This is known as asterism.
Star rose quartz can be the perfect meditation companion reminding us and taking us towards our inner star. By connecting with our inner star we further unlock an essential part of our being that exists to remind us of our infinite inner nature. Our inner star sings to us songs of recognition and splendor, reminding us that we are vast spiritual beings inhabiting a human experience that does not define who we are.
Our inner star resides just above our head in the location of our eighth and ninth chakras. Our star shines like a beacon of light and if we give it permission it will guide us on our journey through life. It will speak to us via dreams, synchronicity, knowing and flashes of insight.
Star rose quartz penetrates our subconscious scripts unlocking suppressed memories where we have denied our true nature. Once processed these memories can be released so that we can choose new scripts, ones that more fully recognize and accommodate our vastness so that we may unfold our light into the world.

All writing by Michael Eastwood