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Crystal Singing Bowls & Pyramids

Quartz singing bowls are the ideal companion for meditation, relaxation and space clearing. Popular with music therapists, sound healers and yoga practitioners our bowls are very high quality.

Quartz singing bowls are said to produce beneficial changes in the body by reducing stress. They balance the body's energy system especially the chakras. The tones of crystal bowls produce a sound field that amplifies and expands the chakra system. The sound they create is other-worldly and deeply relaxing. Just the act of playing a crystal bowl induces a higher state of consciousness.

Each bowl is supplied with a rubber ball playing stick and a rubber ring to keep the bowl steady while being played.

Playing and care for your bowl: Just place your bowl symmetrically on its rubber ring (this keeps the bowl steady without dampening the sound)
Run the suede ball stick around the outside of the bowl gently, evenly and with a firm pressure and the bowl will start to sing. If you produce jarring or rough tones you are moving the stick too quickly or using incorrect pressure against the rim. Excessive force is not beneficial to a bowl.

Please note our bowls are not safe enough to be posted, they are just too fragile to be sent through a courier/postal service.
They can though be collected from us in-store at AristiA 233 Albert Road Southsea P04 OJR U.K.
You are welcome to pay for your bowl on-line in which case it will be reserved and packaged awaiting your collection or come into the shop, pay and collect once you have made your decision. We are happy for you to play the bowls in-store.