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Scheelite in Calcite

Scheelite in Calcite
A recent find in Turkey, this gem is also known as Lapis Lace Onyx which seems silly to me as it contains neither Lapis Lazuli nor Onyx.
Research has revealed that the white matrix is Calcite and the bright blue stripes are Scheelite. Scheelite is rarely found in this vivid blue colour.

I asked the Scheelite Oversoul about it’s unique energy and here is it’s reply. “Beloved one. I come forward during these times to assist those in their search for truth. Collectively you are experiencing a challenging time regarding what is truth and what is manipulation. If you are not careful you will become distracted from the beauty of the New Earth. These distractions are designed to pull you back to the Old Earth. Ultimately it is within your capabilities to discern when you are being manipulated by your press or government into believing something in order to control your thoughts or opinion. When you connect to my stone, especially specimens where there are radiating rays of blue, your attention will be naturally drawn towards your eighth chakra. The source of your power to discern resides deep within the eighth chakra. This place serves to protect your life force. It has a mediating function that senses when you need to retreat or process. This sacred chakra point has the particular function to assist you in your journey to wholeness. The eighth chakra acts as a valve, only allowing in what is restorative, and closing off when too much energy could intrude or pull you off your path”.
All writing by Michael Eastwood