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K2 is a unique stone found only in the snowy peaks of the second-highest mountain in the world, K-2. It is in a very remote area visited by very few people.

These mountains border China and Pakistan, with the stone itself only found on the Pakistan side to date. The heavy snow, high altitude, and limited resources in the area make the value of this stone high. Many theories about the stones origin and creation are debated, but the common belief is that the granite hardened and the Azurite droplets then occurred during a secondary melt.

My supply of this stone comes from the true source not the cheap Chinese dyed copies which bear no resemblance to the energy of the real K2.

K2 carries an unusual vibration which is probably due to the presence of Azurite and Granite as well as its high altitude location. K2 speaks to us through ancient mists of time encouraging us to continue to clear any residual fear we may be carrying deep within our system, especially the fear of becoming visible again, and by that I mean being seen as the vast beings of light we truly are in this deep time we inhabit. K2 encourages us to surrender further into our inner light, letting our sublime radiance guide us to new shores and experiences unhindered by the past.

Writing by Michael Eastwood

to view my collection follow the link https://aristia.co.uk/crystals/crystals-h-i-j-k/k2/

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