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Kundalini Citrine is said to accelerate manifestation skills.

Citrine is known as the stone of sunshine, connecting you to the warmth, joy and comfortableness of this major firey star, the giver of life. In Feng Shui Citrine relates to the Fire element, the season of Summer, the sound of laughing and the emotion of happiness. It has an uplifting and motivating vibration and is a symbol of energy and passion.

The Oversoul of Citrine restores the consciousness needed to manifest all we need to complete our missions. The mandala is an incredible, brilliant golden light that settles any nerves or anxieties we have. 12 beings reflect the unified awareness of this Oversoul. They wear golden light robes that swirl around them in an air of incredible power. We know that we are in the presence of great masters of manifestation and if we choose to we can learn from them. The beings beckon us to enter the heart of the mandala and they accompany us deep inside where an incredible scene unfolds. The atmosphere is highly charged with a beautiful golden aura. We see the temple - it is a sphere of golden light. The beings guide us to the sphere indicating that we can enter its centre. Inside the sphere they create a twelve-sided mandala start to make a series of intoxicating sounds that penetrate our auric field. Our entire anatomical structure, especially our nervous system is bathed in golden light. As we breathe and become this light, we set ourselves free. Any patterns that are inhibiting the full spectrum of our light being expressed in the world are released.
We become the visible light of joyous abundance. We now know that we have all to create what we need, we know how to create.

Text by Michael Eastwood taken from "Crystal Oversoul Cards Attunements for Lightworkers"

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