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Celestite meditation:
Keywords: Angelic protection
Celestite has a unique role to play in our evolution as this beautiful stone reminds us that every layer and fibre of our being, including our physical form is the divine expressing itself. It elevates our consciousness to a higher plane of light and imagination where we become imbued with positive life affirming energy. Celestite encourages us to stand in the light of our knowing and to be able to discern what is right for us and what is not. This crystal has special connections to angelic forces. A subtle song inherent to its vibration can be heard when in its presence; this calls the angels and higher frequency beings to its side, which can offer complete protection and balance.
To begin this meditation with make sure you are comfortable and will not be disturbed. Hold your Celestite between your hands, close your eyes, breathe deeply and absorb its beautiful unique shade of blue light. See yourself sitting in the centre of a luminous field of energy that stretches out from your body - your aura. Imagine yourself enveloped in a cloak of bright blue light - the same shade as your Celestite crystal. As you hold your attention within this light know how safe and secure you are. If you notice any energy imprints that you feel should not be present within this space move your awareness to that space and ask the Celestite light to shine even brighter until the imprint is erased. With your inner eye move around your aura sealing the edges with light as well as eliminating any energy that you feel is uninvited by yourself.
When ready open your eyes and take some time to let the experience and what you saw sink in. Breathe deeply and thank your crystal for its supportive energy. Each time you hold this crystal it will serve to remind you of your meditation along with the power you possess - to keep your aura clear, vibrant and healthy.

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