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Using a pendulum is one way of assisting choice, especially if you are learning to trust your intuition. Start by buying a decent pendulum and first of all find your yes and no by letting the pendulum swing clock-wise or anti-clockwise. Ask with your mind which is yes and which is no, for you. The pendulum will either go one way or another. Try it a few times until you are confident you have found your yes and no. This is an empowering way to connect to your own intuition. When you are confident hold the pendulum over your crystal or over the word of the crystal in a book and ask in your mind a question about the crystal.
This is a very important point and like with any intuitive approach the question you ask will be just as important as the answer.
As an example ask “is this crystal right for meditation for me at this moment in time” The key here is to ask directly about the present time and the usage of the crystal. The clearer you are the clearer the response. As with anything practice and patience are the answer to good dowsing skills.

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Working with Prasiolite

Prasiolite, when used wisely, expands our awareness so that we come to understand world events from a higher vantage point. From this heightened perspective we can come to understand how certain events need to take place in order for the Great Shift to take place. That is not to say prasiolite asks us to ignore [...]

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Working with Magdalene Quartz

Magdalene Quartz has a variety of inclusions including rutile, tourmaline, sagenite and epidote. I asked the Crystal Oversouls what they thought about this stone. Here is their response. “Beloved One. This stone reveals, to those drawn, sacred feminine aspects of consciousness that await retrieval. You could imagine these as aspects as crystalline fragments that have [...]

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Working with Blue Mist quartz

Blue Mist quartz with Limonite inclusions at the base hand mined in the Colombian Andes. Some believe that the mist effect is due to delicate inclusions of asbestos (as the asbestos is included with the quartz it is no longer harmful) but a mineral friend of mine says that the blue mist is due to [...]

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Working with Inner Source Lemurians

Inner Source Lemurians are from a new and fascinating find. They were mined in Brazil underneath the bedrock where quartz known as Lemurian seed crystals were discovered. They do not have the striations that Lemurian seed crystals exhibit. They are here to do something very special. They are poised to assist people who are drawn [...]

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Working with Aura Kyanite

Aura Kyanite has a permanent bonding of titanium over a Black Kyanite blade which gives each piece incredibly intense, beautiful colors. It is a very high vibrational stone that seems to pulsate in the hand. I find the wing formation fascinating and feel that in addition to the colours the shape speaks to us on [...]

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Working with Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine quartz radiates a beautiful transparent orange in us. These crystals were mined and then polished by hand in Madagascar. I asked the Crystal Oversouls if they would enjoy offering some information illuminating its being and what it has to offer us. Here is their response. “Beloved One. Tangerine quartz offers a singular vibration that [...]

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What is an attunement

What is an Attunement?When we participate in attunements we are linking in through the crystals and Oversoul cards directly to the source of the temples and in doing so we draw those exquisite vibrations in towards ourselves, into the deeper consciousness of humanity. This is all part of a process whereby we have, on a [...]

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Working with Purple Apatite consciousness

Purple Apatite is a loving, reassuring crystal companion on the path.It is an extremely beautiful purple to lilac crystal that supports us when we are feeling depleted or leaking energy. Sometimes we may feel that we have lost our spark. Purple Apatite reminds us that although we may not feel particularity sparkly our spark is [...]

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Working with Enhydro consciousness

Enhydro translates from Greek as water within. These rare crystals contain pockets of pure water, trapped many hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of years ago. On a healing level, Enhydros offer us access to the water element within ourselves as well as collectively. The water element rules the pelvic region - the center of the [...]

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