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Aquatine Lemurian Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral with a trigonal crystal system (3 on the hardness scale). It is a deep blue-green Calcite (that looks like Aquamarine) and comes from Argentina.

I asked the Crystal Oversouls about this stone and here is their reply. “Beloved One. As you continue on your ever unfolding journey towards wholeness your light body will need time to recalibrate, absorb and adjust to what you have learnt. Aquatine Lemurian Calcite is one of the new stones that your collective being has dreamed into reality. This special crystal will assist in your recall of ancient knowledge. Its primary role is to help you recalibrate your higher senses so that you can remain attuned to multi-dimensional realities while still being present in your physical body. It is a crystal for the new dreamers.

Those who are already attuned to Lemurian energy will find that this stone offers protection from over exposure to the harshness of modern life and the challenges that a world in transition offers to sensitive souls.
For those who wish to explore their Lemurian past this stone will assist to open inner dimensions so that Lemurian light stored within the cellular memory banks may more easily pour forth. This stone is a catalyst that will open the doors of perception, enabling you to dream a new reality for yourself and others”.

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Working with Crystal skull consciousness

Crystal skulls come in all kinds of crystalline shapes and sizes. The important thing to think about when choosing yours is, does it resonate? Are you willing to take on a relationship with something that asks for protection and a willingness on your part to explore its higher realities?I asked the Crystal Oversouls about the [...]

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Scheelite in Calcite consciousness

A recent find in Turkey, this gem is also known as Lapis Lace Onyx which seems silly to me as it contains neither Lapis Lazuli nor Onyx.Research has revealed that the white matrix is Calcite and the bright blue stripes are Scheelite. Scheelite is rarely found in this vivid blue colour. I asked the Scheelite [...]

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Working with Elestial consciousness

the Elestial quartz Oversoul is a vast consciousness that rarely comes into our reality. It sits on an entirely different council than the other crystal Oversouls. Elestials sit on the Creator Council also known as the Creator Angels. This council Oversees the working of universal order on a scale difficult for us to imagine. The [...]

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​the Crystal Dragon Riders

the Crystal Dragon RidersWhen dragon energy makes itself known it arrives with enormous speed and clarity. We may experience the process as similar to being swept off our feet. Crystalline dragons make themselves known in crystal form. The physical crystal shape acts as a portal, the entrance into their world. These dragons often have a [...]

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​Crystal Co-creating

Crystal Co-creatingI would like to share with you a vision I had 30 years ago that has deciphered itself during the writing of my books. I feel that by telling this story it may go some way to explain the process and journey undertaken through my work. It is my understanding that many of us [...]

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What is an Oversoul

To my understanding an Oversoul is the collective soul or master that all individual crystals in its field will identify and communicate with. When we work thus, for example with a Lemurian seed crystal, we can communicate with its essential soul, its blueprint that I call an Oversoul.

One of the many questions I had while [...]

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Immortal Cathedrals

These crystals are Cathedrals yet something new and important has made itself known through their manifestation. They call themselves ‘Immortal Cathedrals’ and this is what they have to say.“When you work with our consciousness you align yourself to engaging with the Immortals. You may wonder, why would you need to engage with them? We are [...]

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Mount Shasta Opal

There is more to Mount Shasta than meets the eye. If we choose to observe, utilizing our higher senses of perception, we will see inside the sacred mountain where beings of light dwell in peace and harmony. These beings are numerous and comprise of Lemurian ancients, Dragons, Unicorns, Star beings and Elementals. The mountain is [...]

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