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Lemurian Seed vogels have been carved from larger Lemurian seed crystals, imbibing them with all the characteristics one would expect from a seed crystal. Lemurian crystals are extremely important stones for this time, resurfacing now to assist humanity in its shift towards a new way of being, a new way of living and a new consciousness awakening.
The ancient civilisation of Lemuria was full of highly evolved spiritual beings whose teachings have been lost until now. These teachings are now finding new ways of coming through as there is no other time, than right now. Those who feel a strong connection to Lemuria or Mu will find that they they have an important part to play in this new awakening.
Vogels carrying this Lemurian quality are extremely rare. As soon as I saw these I knew they were important for our times. These crystals auras are immense and unique within the crystal kingdom. I feel that they will help transform ancient Lemurian DNA patterns stored deep within human consciousness. In doing so the person working with these crystals will more be able to transform their past and future perspectives, freeing their essential life force.

The tips are perfect and have twelve cuts or gates that lead into the apex. Each gateway is symbolic. The healers intention is channelled through each gateway and in doing so ancient alignments take place that are less to do with the healers intent and more to do with what the client wishes to unfold on a deeper layer of consciousness.

These are magical tools of light that can be worked with as healers tools or as a valued piece for personal meditation.

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​Arcturus the Star of Joy

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Star Seed Record Keeper Selenite

Star seed record keeper Selenite is a new find that comes from Mexico. The crystals have a wonderful clarity and are saturated in inclusions. Star seed record keeper Selenite remind us that our star heritage is here to support us as we deal with the intense energy of these times. Through these potent crystals we [...]

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Golden Selenite

Golden Selenite crystals have great clarity and contain iron inclusions which create phantom like effects. They are naturally terminated and have appeared at the perfect time, to assist us as we navigate through difficult times. I feel that these special crystals have arrived during a phase of humanity’s transition which is proving to be challenging. [...]

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Working with Amethyst phantoms

Amethyst phantoms are crystal planes and memories of previous crystalline growth within a quartz. Deep within the crystal itself you will see these solid phantoms like shadows and subtle outlines of crystal growth which have grown first and then stopped. The crystal has then resumed its crystallization process, enclosing the previous crystal growth as a [...]

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the Dumortierite Oversoul

The Dumortierite Oversoul resides within the inner plane council that oversees communication in its many variations. The Dumortierite Oversoul has a sweet focused energy that supports those who seek to communicate their creative, healing or teaching work in the world. As a stone it is particularily powerful for those drawn to it. When we work [...]

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Green Tara Quartz

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Crystal Buddhas

Just as a mirror, freed from dust, reflects our physical form, crystalline statues of Buddha can inspire awareness of our infinite and multi-dimensional nature. Like a palace of mirrors crystalline statues of Buddha introduce ever deeper reflections of our essential nature and reveal pure consciousness that, if we allow it, opens us to an awareness [...]

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Crystal Flames - our eternal inner fire

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Record Keepers - gifts from our past to our future selves

Record keepers exhibit raised or indented triangles on the surface of quartz crystals. They can also appear on Ruby, Aquamarine and some other stones. They are powerful co-creators containing much knowledge and wisdom from Atlantis and Lemuria. Atlantis and Lemuria were the early star seed civilizations where many us first began descending into [...]

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