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The symbol of the Sacred flame is as old as time. When we work with the shape of a flame we can be reminded of the eternal fire that burns brightly within us. It serves as a reminder of our life-force that rests of the altar of our souls heart.

The sacred fire of Vesta was a sacred eternal flame in Rome. The Vestal virgins served for thirty years, tending the holy fire. On a symbolic level, they also tended the soul of the city through the maintenance sacred fire of Vesta.
We can see healing parallels in this.  Just as temples housed a sacred flame, so too does our body house a sacred flame, one that can never be erased.

Our inner flame accompanies us lifetime to lifetime. It is ours to attend to, to care for and nurture. Crystal flames serve as visual and energetic tools, reminding us of our fiery life-force that burns brightly no matter our circumstances.

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Record Keepers - gifts from our past to our future selves

Record keepers exhibit raised or indented triangles on the surface of quartz crystals. They can also appear on Ruby, Aquamarine and some other stones. They are powerful co-creators containing much knowledge and wisdom from Atlantis and Lemuria. Atlantis and Lemuria were the early star seed civilizations where many us first began descending into [...]

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Meditating with Ajoite

Ajoite is one of the most precious crystals to work with. It has made its presence felt more fully because it is here to assist in our journey towards wholeness and discovery. Ajoite has a unique auric presence. When we enter into its presence though meditation or inner-journeying we will receive awakenings in parts of [...]

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Time link crystals

Time link crystals either exhibit a parallelogram face leaning to the left or right of the main apex.If one appears on the left we can work with the parallelogram face to access the past. If one appears on the right we can work with the parallelogram face to access the future. It was Katrina Raphaell [...]

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Working with Star Rose quartz

Star Rose quartz is very high quality rose quartz that has a star of light with 4 or 6 rays that only appears when the stone is polished in a spherical shape or a crystal skull. The stars come out most dramatically in strong light such as the light of the sun - sometimes with [...]

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Working with Scolecite

There are times in life where we need to escape and be reminded of the inner planes of light and Scolecite is one of those stones that assist us in traveling inwards. When we have become too entrenched in reality or too fixated on the world of form Scolecite helps us release our mind and [...]

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​Using a pendulum

Using a pendulum is one way of assisting choice, especially if you are learning to trust your intuition. Start by buying a decent pendulum and first of all find your yes and no by letting the pendulum swing clock-wise or anti-clockwise. Ask with your mind which is yes and which is no, for you. The [...]

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Working with Prasiolite

Prasiolite, when used wisely, expands our awareness so that we come to understand world events from a higher vantage point. From this heightened perspective we can come to understand how certain events need to take place in order for the Great Shift to take place. That is not to say prasiolite asks us to ignore [...]

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Working with Magdalene Quartz

Magdalene Quartz has a variety of inclusions including rutile, tourmaline, sagenite and epidote. I asked the Crystal Oversouls what they thought about this stone. Here is their response. “Beloved One. This stone reveals, to those drawn, sacred feminine aspects of consciousness that await retrieval. You could imagine these as aspects as crystalline fragments that have [...]

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Working with Blue Mist quartz

Blue Mist quartz with Limonite inclusions at the base hand mined in the Colombian Andes. Some believe that the mist effect is due to delicate inclusions of asbestos (as the asbestos is included with the quartz it is no longer harmful) but a mineral friend of mine says that the blue mist is due to [...]

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