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Shift or Growth Interference quartz

Shift (or growth Interference) quartz is an unusual variety of crystal having the appearance of being carved with a saw.  It has shared its growth with very thin flat Calcite crystals (since dissolved) that developed at an angle to the lower prism faces of the crystal. This has resulted in indented lines at the base of the crystal.
If we agree to work with such a crystal it may be because we seek to understand why certain blockages are present in our lives. Shift quartz increases our understanding of the roots of such blockages, illuminating how we can best shift our attitude in order to turn what hinders us into something that teaches us and ultimately frees us.
We can also learn this crystal through its growing conditions - the quartz has continued to grow even though it was at one time restricted. Its strength lies in its patience and tenacity. Yet the Calcite that once restricted the quartz has left its mark - which offer us valuable lessons around not trying to hide our wounds rather letting the scars of previous experiences show who we are and how far we have come.

All writing by Michael Eastwood