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Apatite Blue

Blue Apatite instills in its keeper confidence of speech and the ability to communicate ones message. This makes Blue Apatite the stone of choice for those seeking to communicate their vision or dream in the world. Teachers, healers and lightworkers are often drawn to this stone, as it encourages the throat and third eye chakras to strengthen and open. This process naturally opens the pathways of communication. Blue Apatite can have a cleansing effect on the mental layer of the auric field helping to purge outdated programmes and patterns.

The following is an extract from Crystal Oversoul cards Attunements for Lightworkers written by Michael Eastwood. "The Blue Apatite Oversoul speaks: “Beloved one. My attunement is centred around reminding you of where you come from and the inner plane connections you have at your disposal. Breathe into my blue light. May it restore you to the vast multi-dimensional being that you are. Allow my light to enter to initiate and awaken your higher senses to the consciousness of your starry lineages. The time is at hand for your ancient lineages to communicate in order to serve your unfolding light.”