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Celestial Quartz

Celestials are akin to crystal storehouses of information, like computers they are tools to connect to a great deal of knowledge. They can be used to access the Akashic records as well as browse other information not directly held within them. Each of the crystals on the Celestial Quartz act as a compartment holding their own records of information.

The following is a moving extract from the Crystal Oversoul cards Attunements for Lightworkers "The Celestial quartz beings speak: “Beloved one. You have entered a rarefied space. Follow us, we will guide you further towards your destination. You will know when we have arrived,  you will see a large white Celestial quartz mandala laying upon the floor.  This is where you will receive your attunement.”
The circular mandala is enormous. It has been carved from a single piece of Celestial quartz. As we approach we see, deeply carved deep into the surface, intricate patterns remind us of some form of ancient writing. Our eye is led by the patterns towards the middle and here we discover the same glyph we have encountered throughout this journey, surrounded by a another mandala design: six sets of wings surrounding a golden hand.
The beings speak: “Beloved one. It is time to take your journey. Make your way to the middle, stand upon the glyph, breathe deeply and relax.”
Once we have positioned ourselves we notice how, at our core, our life-force begins to change. We feel clearer and stronger. The Celestial quartz Oversoul speaks: “Beloved one. Welcome to my inner most sanctum. Give permission for your presence to relax.”
We do as instructed, close our eyes and feel how deeply deeply supported and nurtured by the Oversoul’s presence we are. The Oversoul speaks: “Beloved one. My glyph within the golden hand is an ancient symbol of inter-galactic communication - a sign between species that indicates a high level of consciousness. Beings of cosmic and inner plane origins will be working closely with humanity to raise its vibration to a new level of awareness. May I draw your attention to the point above your head - where your crown chakra resides. Pay attention to this spot. Here you will see that the golden glyph is now visible. Breathe it into being, allow it to expand into your awareness. Let any resistance to or fear of receiving dissolve. This symbol, once awakened and activated will serve you at your core, keeping you open as well as protected. What is not of beneficial intelligence cannot be in its presence.”

text copyright Michael Eastwood


All of our Celestial quartz is sourced in Madagascar from small independent mining families.