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The ability Azurite has to help people travel through human anxieties and fears is remarkable. This energy was called upon many times in the initiations of the Atlanteans and later the Egyptian and Mayan ceremonies. The vibration of Azurite penetrates the veil between the human world and the subconscious layers.

Here is what the Crystal Oversouls have to say about this special crystal "The Azurite Oversoul opens intuitive channels that deepen internal communication, knowing and trust. The mandala is built up of layers of dark and light shades of cobalt blue. 8 beings, the combined Oversoul consciousness, stand tall in intensely rich cobalt blue coloured robes and radiant light, looking deep within our eyes. They need to know if we are ready for this initiation. We recognize that we are in the company of High Priests as the beings have an incredible atmosphere of authority about them. They surround us; take us with their own unified light-body into the inner sanctum of the mandala. Once inside, we see that the whole space is a rich cobalt blue that has begun to pervade our consciousness. We are asked to stand in the centre of the inner sanctum where we are surrounded by the Azurite beings that raise their robes and gather their energies together to create a mandala. They direct their vibrational intent towards us, in particular our third eye chakra that vibrates to match the frequency of their focused energy. In a flash we see with our inner eye - we see beyond form, beyond the veil. We perceive worlds that lay out of ordinary sight. We see ourselves as multi-layered and that we are more than our physical body. From this perspective we know that we are essentially light that cannot die."

Copyright Michael Eastwood taken from the Crystal Oversoul cards Attunements for Lightworkers