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Danburite is a wonderful stone not too dissimilar to Topaz in its crystalline makeup. A fairly young gem in terms of geology, it was only discovered in 1839. There are no historical records to suggest that it was ever used in any religious ceremonies or devotional practices but has grown in popularity over the years. Danburite has a strong affinity to the Angelic Kingdom, and can be used to initiate connection to these divine guardians.

Here is what the Crystal Oversouls have to say about this precious crystal "The Danburite Oversoul serves to remind our hearts and minds of the endless and unexpected possibilities we have at our disposal. The mandala of the Oversoul is vast and nearly beyond comprehension. Just by visiting its temple, our crown chakra expands and remembers its divine purpose: to receive the higher light and then to spread this light throughout the fabric of our being. The temple is magnificent, white and sparkly, a place welcoming all who seek connection to the source. 8 beings, the Oversoul of Danburite, greet us with penetrating eyes, not meaning to judge us in any way but to see what it is we are here for. The beings look like luminous Danburites themselves.
They ask us to rest on a table intricately carved from the mineral, and when we are prepared they form a mandala around us while spreading their wings. They sing a song at such a high tone that we can only feel its vibrations. We experience multiple layers of our cells opening and aligning to a subtle and energetic awareness of being touched by the divine.
We experience an underlying unity behind creation. The sounds created by the Danburite beings carry the released energy off; they disappear with the song and its waves upon waves until they are no more.
We come to an awakened consciousness where all parts of our being are held in complete unity" Crystal Oversoul cards Attunements for Lightworkers by Michael Eastwood

Working with Danburite

We have been on an ancient journey that has brought us to this point in human spiritual evolution. We are asked by the cosmos to further allow our most sacred garments of light to unfold, to become visible in a way that has not been possible before. To be comfortable within this process we are asked to stand firm in our spiritual power. This connection comes from deep inside our own consciousness - our own sense of divinity. Our divinity speaks to us through a number of ways, from dreams to intuition along with our inner voice. Danburite supports this process by reminding the finest parts of our auric field to relax, to trust in our divine inner nature.
To begin this meditation make sure you are comfortable and will not be disturbed. Hold your Danburite between your hands, close your eyes, breathe deeply and absorb its white light. Take your awareness into the space just above your head - your crown chakra. Allow yourself to imagine a beautiful white silvery flame resting above your head. Spend some time feeling into this sacred flame. What does it mean to you, is it familiar, are there any resistances within you to this connection? When we put our attention at this point of our body, with the support of Danburite, we automatically align ourselves - moving from a place whereby others control our life force to a position of spiritual power. We begin to trust, relax and support our own sense of knowing.
Although this meditation is simple it is designed to remind us that we need to go through no other person, guru or dogma to touch upon our divine presence.
When ready open your eyes and take some time to let the experience and what you saw sink in. Breathe deeply and thank your Danburite for its supportive energy. Each time you hold this crystal it will serve to remind you of your meditation along with the power you possess - to commune with and listen to your divinity.
Michael Eastwood