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The Dumortierite Oversoul resides within the inner plane council that oversees communication in its many variations. The Dumortierite Oversoul has a sweet focused energy that supports those who seek to communicate their creative, healing or teaching work in the world. As a stone it is particularily powerful for those drawn to it. When we work with Dumortierite we are shown where within our energetic framework we are holding onto patterns that inhibit us from experiencing our fullest potential. Over the next few years many beings will be birthing new projects that they have been carrying deep within their matrix. The time is right for these projects to be born and received by the world. Yet many will experience that the world will not accept their gifts. Dumortierite steps forward to support us during this phase helping us understand our part in this process and ultimately guiding us to dig deep into our being and hopefully releasing that which we hold onto that is inhibiting our fullest expression. Dumortierite is there when we bind ourselves expecting that people, events or objects offer us salvation. When we are free from expectation we are of course happier and therefore more likely to be able to manifest our soul gifts with more ease.