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Golden Coracalcite

Robert Simmons writes: Golden Coracalcites are of great assistance in enhancing the level of vibration and harmony of the entire Liquid Crystal Body Matrix. These stones, as their structure suggests, can act as a helpful bridge between the mineral realm and the world of organic life, making it easier for us to 'become more crystalline.' Becoming more crystalline means that we function at a higher level of inner coherence and self organization. Our intentions are easier to focus, and we can accomplish our aims more readily. We also become better receivers of the energies offered from the spiritual worlds, especially those which come to us through the stones. As the physical body becomes more coherent on the molecular and cellular levels (through increased crystallinity) the Light Body can more readily be born. One insight arising from this is that we must actually 'give birth' to the Light Body by creating the conditions of inner coherence which allow spiritual vibrations to fully harmonize with our physical selves. Something about the organic/mineral structure of Golden Coracalcite helps the body understand and imprint the sort of inner harmony suggested to us by the realm of Spirit. As this becomes more and more fully integrated, the Light Body can come to birth, and our transformation into Human Beings of Light can occur.