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Native Colombians refer to Colombianite as Piedra Rayo, which means the Lightning Stone or Light Stone because it is said to illuminate and magnify our inner light. It is sacred to Colombia’s Muisca Tribe.
It is an ancient form of Obsidian estimated to be around 30 million years old that closely resembles a Tektite (hence its pseudo-tektite classification). Colombianite forms in small ovals and spheres with irregular grooves along the outside that look nearly identical to Moldavite.
Shining a light through Colombianite will result in the black exterior being overwhelmed by a smoky or yellow transparent color that shines through.
There are only a few known deposits in regions of Colombia. My pieces come from Valle De Cauca, South Columbia.

I tuned into the Oversoul of Colombianite and here is the reply. “Beloved one, I come forward during this time due to the immense changes taking place within your world. I seek to expand my light to those seeking to deepen their understanding during these challenging times.
As your world undergoes even further changes, my presence within your aura activates a quickening whereby you are more able to hold onto your integrity. My presence supports a flexible mind and attitude, one that is more able to adapt to the further unfolding of humanity. Rather like Moldavite, my energy is transformative in an altogether new way suited to the changes needed to navigate an emerging new world. I would work in unison with Moldavite & Libyan Gold tektite to further enhance my energy.
After a pause the Oversoul expanded further. “Your aura is a sacred vessel housing your thoughts, emotions, well-being and soul. When confronted with challenges in the outer world there is a tendency to withdraw your light, to hide your luminosity in order to protect yourself. This is a perfectly healthy response that has served over countless lives spent on this planet. Colombianite is more than capable of supporting you if you choose to change your previous responses and further magnify your star-light, even when presented with triggering realities that in your past would have made you pull your light in and hide.
You are a magnificent star being containing multi-dimensional realities that seek to express all that you are in this lifetime. To restrict your light would be of dis-service to all that you are.”

All writing by Michael Eastwood