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Nautilus and Ammonite Fossils

The Nautilus and Ammonite fossils are superb spiraling shells that represent the unending spiral of life. The spiral is a powerful symbol that has been used through the ages and found repeated throughout nature since antiquity. It is the symbolic expression of expansion, development, evolution and the flow of life & creation. In Feng Shui, Its outward radiation from a central creation point imbues the spiral with the symbolic meaning of heaven, afterlife and eternity. Place one of these fossils in any of the Feng Shui areas to encourage growth. South is connected with your project or journey's end, recognition and fame. Governed by the element Fire. South West is connected with relationships, marriage and friends. Governed by the element Earth. West is connected with children and projects. Governed by the element Metal. North West is connected with contacts, neighbours, helpful people and travel. Governed by the element Metal. North is connected with your career, beginnings and your journey. Governed by the element Water. North East is connected with wisdom, knowledge and education. Governed by the element Earth. East is connected with parents, elders, health and family. Governed by the element Wood. South East is connected with accumulation, bounty and wealth. Governed by the element Wood.