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Selenite Golden

Golden Selenite crystals have great clarity and contain iron inclusions which create phantom like effects. They are naturally terminated and have appeared at the perfect time, to assist us as we navigate through difficult times. I feel that these special crystals have arrived during a phase of humanity’s transition which is proving to be challenging. How to remain connected to our Souls’ light without being thrown off balance?
The collective field of human consciousness is releasing fear based energy into the ethers which, for some, is proving hard not to absorb and take as reality. Golden Selenite reminds us that the inner planes of light are there for us to dwell in, to bathe in the blessings of the cosmos. To also know that the higher forces of the universe are there to protect and nurture our light. That the universe is a loving substance composed of benevolent consciousness that exists to support and nurture our thoughts and feelings so that we may seek higher light and bring that light into our daily awareness. With this light in our consciousness we are able to move through challenging times with more ease and awareness of the role and presence of our Soul’s radiance in our life.