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Prehnite is often sold as New Jade yet it is something unto itself. In China, Prehnite is sometimes referred to as 'grape jade/new jade' owing to its typical nodule formations which often resemble a bunch of grapes. Its color is usually a soft apple green which is quite unique to Prehnite.

It has been found in Australia, South Africa, China, Scotland as well as the USA

Prehnite is a translucent to transparent gem-quality hydrated calcium aluminum silicate. It was the first mineral to be named after an individual, and it was also the first mineral to be described from South Africa, long before South Africa became one of the most important sources for precious and semi precious stones. It was first described in 1788 after it was discovered in the Karoo dolerites of Cradock, South Africa. Prehnite was later named after its discoverer, Colonel Hendrik von Prehn (1733-1785), a Dutch mineralogist and an early governor of the Cape of Good Hope colony.

Prehnite emits an energy that is unique within the crystal kingdom. Its soft apple green colouring encourages a positive, open, generous and optimistic state of mind. Prehnite supports regeneration and balance on all levels of our being.