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Cathedral Lightbraries

the following text comes from Katrina Raphael " Cathedrals (also known as Lightbraries or Light Libraries) appear as if they're made up of many parts when they are in fact one single crystal. These crystals are said to vibrate with with frequency of the universal mind. It is said that Cathedrals are destined to attract and record the thought forms that are in alignment with the supreme intelligence or mind of god and then convert it into a language that woman/man can understand."

and further text by Michael Eastwood

"Those chosen by a Cathedral deva will often be called to work in groups, as teachers or leaders because the work of a Cathedral is to unify, bringing the many together as one. Cathedrals hold innate intelligence, they sense who will work best with them. It is a true gift to be chosen and if one comes your way take it as a sign that you will be forming a group or be working with a group on the Soul planes. The Soul plane is where all Cathedrals connect, share and transmit knowledge.

A further way of working with these remarkable crystals is through their innate connection to the Halls Of Records. Their energy configuration assists those who desire to access the Akashic Records either for themselves or on behalf of others. Cathedrals seem to have an automatic setting whereby only those with pure intentions can access the records."