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Ruby and Ruby in Fuschite

Ruby holds a wonderful vibration, quite dense in its weight it wont hold you down. It has the power to uplift you, motivate you and encourage the fire or light within. In Feng Shui it is attributed to the Fire element and the direction of South which is connected to your Fame & Recognition. In this sense Ruby will help you maintain that inner light as well as illuminate how others see you in their eyes. It will encourage you to stay strong and true to your values and hold your integrity. Fire is also associated with the energy of Summer, joy and social interaction and your heart which houses your shen or spirit. So you can use Ruby to strengthen your Fire element. Hold it between the palms of your hands in prayer and sit or stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself. Smile from your heart at your own reflection whilst calming your breath. You can do this for a few minutes. In Oriental Medicine your face and especially the eyes are seen as the mirror of your heart and as the heart is the home of your shen or spirit, it also reflects your soul. When your spirit changes so does your face, so doing this simple practice has far reaching benefits.