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Rutilated quartz crystals

Rutilated quartz contains needlelike rutile forms. The inclusion of the hair like needles make this crystal wonderful to behold and endlessly interesting on the eye.

The quartz that holds the rutile hairs is in itself a powerful amplifier of energy - add to the energetic mix the rutile and all goes up a few notches in its power.

I find that Rutilated quartz amplifies a healing treatment as it takes the power of the other crystals upwards and therefore increases the energy flow throughout a healing session.

It has a powerful healing quality that serves to illuminate and clear stagnant energy wherever it is found.

In healing layouts or meditation place (as an example) on or near the base chakra to clear any residual energy may be stuck. Another use could be in meditation. If your energy is low meditate with this stone to help raise your vibration and gain a clearer perspective on what was making your energy drop.