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Pink Lemurians

Pink Lemurians are currently only being mined in Santander, Colombia. The pink hue comes from Lithium which adds to the magic of these crystals. Pink Lemurians  have a soft, highly charged radiance which magnifies everything around them, including other crystals.

I asked the Pink Lemurian Oversoul for its thoughts on these beautiful, bright  crystals and here is the reply. “Beloved one. It is no accident that these crystals are being mined in Colombia and then finding their way into a wider world. The crystal matrix under Colombia is a place where, for some of you, ancient memories of Lemuria are stored. Many of you placed your own codes in the crystalline matrix of this region, during Lemuria, to be retrieved at a later age. For many of you that age is now. However, the codes that are able to be accessed through Pink Lemurians, are not part of your own or collective ancient memory, they are new. These codes have been impressed into the quartz matrix beneath the Colombian earth by the Star Council in order to assist an individual in experiencing and maintaining a higher perspective during a time of great upheaval and change”.
I feel the Oversoul is saying that by being in the presence of Pink Lemurians we are able to retrieve an entirely new set of light codes previously unknown to us. We could read into this transmission the Star Council is auspiciously intervening in our dimension to help something that is unfolding and was not part of the original plan, and therefore we were not prepared for it. Pink Lemurians are here to assist us in an entirely new way.

All writing by Michael Eastwood