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Preseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone is a dolerite found in the Preseli mountains in Wales, England.
Over 5000 years ago the people of Britain moved the stones from Wales 200 miles to Salisbury Plain where they form the inner circle at Stonehenge. Legend has it that Merlin himself moved the bluestones from an older circle to Stonehenge.
This stone has a powerful aura, giving focus, stability and helping to anchor past experience into present day consciousness. Is said to help travel beyond and through time to open doorways to different dimensions.
Will be a powerful healing stone for those drawn to Stonehenge's energy be it from past life memory or for those who simply cannot get to this sacred site.
Text is a mixture of Sue and Simon Lilly as well as Michael Eastwood.
There is a finite supply of this stone as mining is strictly limited.