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Lemurian Hematite seed crystals

Lemurian Hematite seed crystals have an slightly orange red hue which reflects the natural iron oxide wash upon their surface. The name hematite comes from the greek word for blood. The reason for the origin of hematite's name could be twofold. Even though it is shiny black/silver on the outside, when broken open it is deep blood red. Hematite has a 70% iron content which may account for its use in folk medicine for blood related disorders.

Lemurian Hematite seed crystals play an important role in our collective healing at this time. They are here to assist as we continue to unfold our highest potential while we anchor our light within our bodies.

For some, the process is a challenge as it requires our blood to also accept and participate in the transformation process. Lemurian Hematite seed crystals are here to assist us in this time helping us recallibrate as well as anchor even more of our divine light into previously unknown pockets of our being.

All words by Michael Eastwood