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Dow crystals

Dow crystals are named after Jane Ann Dow who discovered and worked with this special type of quartz.

Dows are also known as Trans Channellers because these crystals are both Channellers and Transmitters.
There will be three seven-sided faces with a triangular face between each of them. So sides of the six faces will look like seven-three-seven-three-seven-three. A perfect Dow or Trans Channeller will have symmetrically-sized faces and a centrally located point. Some are uneven in symmetry.

Katrina Raphael says of this rare crystal “Dow crystals serve an even greater purpose than the combined effects of channeling and transmitting, which can be discovered when more attention is given to the numerological and geometric significance The faces comprising the termination of a Dow crystal are all seven-sided or triangular. The number seven is symbolic of the ultimate inner truth that is attained when the seeker looks within the inner sanctums of the self. The three represents the trinity and the expression and manifestation of that inner truth. When adding the three seven-sided faces with the three triangles, the sum of thirty is reached (7X3 plus 3X3). Thirty is a three with a circle after it, which in numerology can be further reduced to one single three. Thirty signifies the trinity in the constant motion of a circle. The circle contains within it everything that comes into being in the cycle of creation; the totality of expression, from alpha to omega, from life into death and rebirth. The sum thirty pertains directly to the wheel of life in all of its varied aspects. What this means in relationship to working with the Dow Crystal is that all facets of ones being and life can be positively affected. By reducing the number thirty to a three, all relationships pertaining to 'a trinity' are influenced by the Dow. This could relate to body, heart and mind, or conscious, subconscious and superconscious, or to the lower chakras, upper chakras and transpersonal chakras”.