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Seraphinite (Clinochlore) From the Greek klino meaning 'oblique' and chloros meaning 'green' both referring to the pattern and colour of this mineral. Seraphinite is a modern name alluding to the fact that specimen pieces resemble the wing patterns of Angels, Cherubims and Seraphims. Place in a healing layout on the Heart chakra, will encourage Angelic communication. Place on or near at the Crown chakra to heal feelings of separation and isolation.

Here is what the Crystal Oversouls have to say about this precious stone "the Oversoul of Seraphinite guide to and protect our heart’s altar. The mandala is an exquisite shade of green with flecks of white. Even before we enter its vibrational field, we know we are in the presence of great majesty. All around the edges of this mandala angelic beings, cherubim and seraphim have gathered. They are looking in our direction, which has an awe-inspiring effect upon us. 6 beings serve as the Oversoul’s consciousness. They appear in the same shade of green and white with vast outstretched wings and invite us into their presence, and to follow them inside. As we travel deep into the centre, we feel that our heart is on fire. The beings guide us towards a temple that looks to us like a simple cavern. It is carved from a single piece of Seraphinite. The inside is lit warmly with an incredible sense of peace. We see an altar carved from the same stone and what is upon the altar reflects what is our heart’s journey. Take a time to observe and make any changes you feel drawn to make. The beings join us creating a six-pointed grid of light around us. They sing and raise their wings. We notice a beautiful sensation in our back, behind our heart centre. Out from this place arise our own wings. We feel an enormous sense of who we really are, vast and magnificent. Our wings expand, unfurling and true".