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Jeremejevite has a hardness of 7, being also one of the rarest crystals in existence.

These examples come from Erongo Mountains of Namibia, South West Africa.

I sat down with an urgent desire to write something about this crystal and connect with the deva of Jeremejevite. The deva appeared in a flashing blueish flame of light. I feel that this deva has been waiting in the wings until a time when we can work more closely with its spirit again. This is what the Jeremejevite deva impressed upon me.

"I assist in the opening of the10th chakra point above the head.

I come forward, as a consciousness, to assist in this time. You are moving into an age of accelerated awareness, rather like the explorers of old, you are the new travellers going into unknown lands. The map of the New is written by your journeys.

This acceleration needs tools to assist in the process. I work well with Herkimer diamond, Ajoite, Papagoite and Kimberlite. Together we support your journey as you reach out into the stars with your feet firmly in the Earth."

all text by Michael Eastwood author of the Crystal Oversoul cards.